Adding Ticket Cut-Off Times:

You can add a ticket cut-off time (Time before the date of activity, when the particular ticket can be booked).

For example - You need 3 days notice for any booking to make all the arrangements for the customer. You can add “3 Days” as the ticket cut-off time, so your customer will only be able to purchase the ticket upto 3 days before the activity date.

You can add the ticket cut-off time in the ticket form:

Adding Early Bird Tickets:

You can add early bird tickets using the Ticket Cut-Off time field in the ticket for any listing.

You can add your normal tickets with the pricing structure you would like to follow.

You can then add tickets with your “Early Bird Pricing” with a cut-off time before the event. 

You can add as many “Early Bird” tickets as you would like, with multiple “cut-off” times.