In the information fields provided, you can add the basic data like - Name, Location, Tax, Deposit, Description, Photos etc.


You can design your “Pricing Options” on Advensure based on your current variations of the same tour. 

If you have a different pricing structure for kids and for adults, you can create 2 different pricing options.

If you offer group discounts, you can add that on a single or all of your pricing options.


You can mention the maximum capacity per slot of the tour in the “Time Slots” section.

Time Slots

You can add different time slots of the tour you offer in the “Time Slots” section. 

Note - If you offer different prices for different departure times, you can allocate the time slots to the particular “Pricing Options”.


You can add a single day/multi-day itinerary to elaborate your tour details.

Title - Add a title of a day, based on the highlight or the main location of the particular day.