On Advensure, there are 5 statuses of a booking:

  1. New

  2. Approved

  3. Changed

  4. Completed

  5. Canceled 

New Booking

Any booking that you have received or added as on offline booking will have the default status - New.
This is just to denote the bookings that you have not taken action on, and need to do so. You will have 7 days to confirm a booking before the booking will lapse and money refunded to the customer.


Once you click on "Approved" the booking will be confirmed. You and the customer will receive email confirmations stating the same, with a unique booking code.
You can cross check the booking code when your customer comes as well and use it as a point of reference for any conversation about the booking.


You can change some details of the booking with the edit function on the booking dropdown. If you change anything, the booking status will change to "Changed". The customer will also be notified of the change via email.


For any approved or changed booking, if the "Booking Date" (the date for which the booking has been created), has passed, the booking status will change to "Completed"


If you cancel any new booking that you receive or add, the booking status will get updated to "Cancelled".
The customer will be notified that the booking has been canceled via email and the information will be updated on your dashboard.
Note: If you cancel an incoming booking, the customer will receive 100% of the money back.