What are certifications?

Under Certifications, you can display any external authority certification associated with your company or any individual working with your company.

You can upload certifications that certify the quality or safety levels of your organisations.

You can even upload individual certifications associated with "Instructors" at the individual level in the "Team" section.

Why upload certificates?

Adding certifications is really important as most of the times before making a booking a client will want to the know the credentials of the company that they are booking the product with.
The best way to show the client your credentials will be to update your certificates on your page on advensure.

How to upload certifications?

You can upload your certificates in the "Operator Settings" part of your dashboard.
Any .pdf files are accepted.

Please Note: Advensure does not approve or verify these certificates. These are directly on display for your customers to view, so please upload authentic certificates only.